–& I Said I Am The Hurricane

Shame is the best way to start: the moment of injury

or the moment after—a synapse—the blood’s path

making itself just for me and the world, a highway

doubling back for the living, aerial view, the sky

dizzying as ever, my pain nomadic, thinly clothed

and wandering.  I had to arrive where I first ended,

creep back to the body, hover into a high branch

and nest.  Are you troubled?  I blink back to July

on a porch, our porch, and you speak in past tense,

my body caught in so many blackout afternoons,

a version of me you struggle to hold onto, but

you do not say we, only then or you were drunk,

like I remember how it feels.


–Erin Veith; from I Closed My Eyes To Tell That Story
   (Latham House Press, 2014)

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Headed Home

Here is the driveway, a row of dogwood.  It isn’t lovely this time of year.

The path to righteousness must be paved even before we are ready.

I am recycling a moment:  one October evening, little house, cars in the yard.

I long for someone (me, perhaps) to say absolutely.

A woman hands me a coin, presses it to my palm like a prayer.

I have been abandoned.  (—scratch that—)  I feel like I have been abandoned.

All forms of landscape are autobiographical, thank goodness.

Just so we’re clear, the darkness I’m about to show you is all mine.


–Erin Veith; from I Closed My Eyes To Tell That Story
   (Latham House Press, 2014)